Physician Paired Solutions

Omni has pioneered post-treatment healing products to be used following ablative procedures performed in an aesthetician or doctor’s office. These recovery solutions work in concert with aesthetic lasers, micro needling, peels, and other ablative procedures to dramatically reduce downtime, aid in cell regeneration, and calm inflammation.

While others are producing growth factor skin care lines, Omni’s patented process produces targeted growth factors, including the highly anti-inflammatory TGFb, while excluding those that cause inflammation.

Our unique growth factor-derived proteins are prepared with Human Platelet Lysate (HPL), thus providing the appropriate biologic, human signaling cues for cell growth, while avoiding issues associated with animal byproducts.

Our Core Recovery Complex, Hair Restorative Complex, Vaginal Restorative Complex, and our Recovery Kit are all intended for exclusive use in conjunction with purposeful injury procedures. The targeted growth factor proteins help facilitate the healing process and greatly improve the results from these procedures.

Core Recovery Serum

Formulated to specifically aid in the recovery of the skin following physician-assisted ablative procedures, this unrivaled serum of highly concentrated, targeted growth factors is the keystone of Omni’s science-based product line.

Hair Restorative Complex

Omni’s Hair Restorative Complex—a highly concentrated serum providing targeted growth factor proteins—works in conjunction with physician-assisted treatments such as micro needling, for hair restoration or hair growth.

Recovery Kit

In one easy-to-use kit, Omni has combined the best products for at-home, care following ablative procedures:  Cleanser, Protective Balm, Recovery Mask, and Amnio-Plex Spray supports recovery following aesthetic procedures.

Vaginal Restorative GF Complex

V-TaC Vaginal Restorative GF Complex is a targeted formula that has unique properties that may help with the rejuvenation of the vaginal wall lining by supporting the body’s natural vascularity process and health.