Skin Health Solutions

Our Treatment and Care line of products are formulated with targeted growth factor proteins, cytokines, and peptides to minimize signs of aging, improve elasticity, reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and redness while also calming inflammation and smoothing skin texture.

We use only superior ingredients including the highly anti-inflammatory TGFb growth factor family proteins in our Skin Health line of products. Each ingredient is carefully selected and included purposefully with an aim at specific results. For example, the peptide that we use in our Boost and Tattoo Recovery Masks suppresses skin inflammation and provides soothing relief from a variety of skin irritants, including sunburn and environmental stress. Additionally, our Eye Serum contains specific peptides intended to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Not only are we focused on repair and maintenance of the skin, but we are adamant about the need to protect it as well. Stopping damage is certainly preferable to reversing it, if at all possible. Every skin maintenance program, no matter in what geographical location you might live, must include a supreme sun-blocking agent. Our Sun & Environment Protection includes not only Zinc Oxide, for broad protection from UVA and UVB exposure, but also Red Algae and Ergothioneine, with special free-radical scavengers to support the Mitochondria DNA from the external issues of stress and other health challenges.

In addition to our unique growth factor-derived proteins, our Facial and Eye Serums contain humectants, forms of Vitamin C and E, antioxidants, and moisturizing properties.

Restorative Daily Facial Serum

This cell-building serum supports the regeneration of collagen and elastin, utilizing targeted growth factor proteins. The concentrated blend of clinical growth factor proteins, cytokines, and interleukins manage inflammation, provide optimal cell environment, and destroy cells that can cause damage. This transformative serum should be the foundation of an effective, daily skincare regimen and may be suggested by your physician as part of a treatment recovery protocol. TaC Restorative Daily Facial Serum contains the targeted Growth Factors bFGF, TGFb – 3, IL 8 & 12.

Restorative Daily Eye Serum

This highly concentrated serum has been formulated with specifically targeted growth factor proteins to help minimize the signs of aging, stress, and fatigue around the delicate eye area. Our exclusive formula encourages lightening and tightening, promoting firmer, smoother, younger-looking skin while reducing wrinkles, fine lines, redness, and puffiness.  It also firms and lifts the delicate eye area.   TaC Restorative Daily Eye Serum contains the targeted Growth Factors FGFb, TGFb, VEGF and Tri Peptides.

Recovery Masks

Omni’s TaC Boost Recovery Masks are a technological breakthrough that combines Binterin (CD99) peptides in an anti-inflammatory, cooling fluid to promote fast, effective recovery from ablative procedures, micro-needling, and peels. These rejuvenating masks can be added to a regular skin care regimen to boost skin brightness and soothe skin damaged by weather, air travel, or stress.

Sun & Environment Protection

Providing skin with superior protection against free-radical damage generated by UV exposure, our specially formulated TaC Sun & Protection guards the skin against photoaging, loss of elasticity, dryness, and color changes. With Zinc Oxide to promote healing, we offer clean, non-toxic protection for your skin.